Wednesday, November 15


Name and date are fiction. None of this was written to any known living or dead person

A schedule is a plan that lists all that you have to do and when you must do each. God is very orderly and leaves nothing to chance. His design for your life is already worked out. There are things he wants you to get at specific points in life.

Some of us allow distractions to delay us from entering the glory of our purpose in due season. We are busy running after destiny threatening relationships because we want to “belong”.

Jesus had this understanding and was committed to the schedule of God for his life. “Here I am – it is written about me in the scrolI; have come to do your will, o God.” Hebrew 10:7
He didn’t get sexually involved with anyone because he knew that part was not in the plan. Hence, nursing a romantic relationship with anyone would have been a waste of time. He knew his purpose was to save mankind from sin and he focused on his assignment.
He lived for only 33 years and some months. That’s too short you may say. But God does not count days like we do. The bible says “a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night.” Psalm 90:4

The number of years Jesus spent on earth and the tremendous impact of his accomplishment on the entire human race confirms that the fulfillment of purpose is more relevant than the number of years spent. 

This understanding should make us decide not to do things because everyone else is doing it; as we may not have the same number of years allocated to us. Do only that which is relevant to God’s purpose for your life. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do everyday necessities; but of course every day necessities contribute to your fulfillment of purpose in significant ways. Rather I’m saying you must not commit to major decisions that are irrelevant to your fulfillment of purpose. What good would it be to a student who is enrolled at the University for a Bachelors degree in business management, but attending classes for student enrolled in pure and industrial chemistry, if he wouldn’t need the lessons for the achievement of his degree in business management?

Your time is priceless. Your purpose is scheduled. Are you behind, ahead or on schedule?

The renowned preacher, Pastor Kenneth Hagin said the Lord Jesus appeared to him in December 1953 and said to him, “Be faithful and fulfill thy ministry, my son, for the time is short.”

The man of God went to be with the lord in 2003. It means it was fifty years from the time of that vision to the time he passed on. Fifty years seem like a really long time but the Lord said it was short.

Do you know what length of time has been allocated to you? Why are you procrastinating about walking in God’s purpose? Are you waiting for the perfect feeling, no opposition, a huge bank account, and the full support of the whole world to start? Don’t forget that the fact that you are asleep doesn’t mean that the clock is standing still. Even If you ceased your breath for a few seconds, the clock would keep ticking. Why are you waiting for perfect moments to step into your destiny? It is better to live and fulfill purpose while young.

In our youthful years we can take up mental and physical tasks that we won’t be able to handle when old age comes. You could even make mistakes and find the time to correct them; but in old age, there is little or no time for mistakes and corrections. “It is good for a man to bear the yoke while he is young.” Lamentations 3:27

Read: Checklist for successful teen years

Stop saying I would start when I get married, after the kids are grown, after my masters or doctorate and all those perfect unreasonable excuses we give for living unfulfilled. Choose to be on schedule. Destiny is a delicate matter. Don’t ruin your life!

Adapted From the book PROTHESIS-An Exposition on your destiny by Anne Atulaegwu, Partridge Publishers © Copyright 2014
Available on Amazon and Okada books

Sunday, November 5


In this part of the world, when two people get married, they become joined not only to each other but to their families as well. And ever so often, some potential in-laws have a way of making their potential daughter or son in-law feel like they are doing them a favour by allowing their child to marry them.
So, because of intimidations like these and the need to please their in-laws, many individuals who are engaged have allowed their in-laws determine the course of their relationships. Many have seen so many red flags in the families they are marrying into but have chosen to keep quiet about them.

Instead of boldly relating with their potential in-laws and observing to find out more things about them, they have chosen to be conscious of themselves so as not to appear unmarriageable. They have chosen to use this time to please their would-be in-laws, rather than study them and know if they can marry into such a family.

There are families that fight when they have misunderstandings. When the husband and wife are fighting each other, the children take sides and some even go to the extent of physical abuse and breaking things. For such families, anger is the issue. When everyone gets angry no one can contain them. They'll say and do all manner of things to express how they feel.

There are families that are stingy. When it comes to giving, everyone is on their own. Nobody gives towards anything that concerns the other, except to their parents.

In some other cases, pride and arrogance are the weaknesses found in certain homes. They will make it obvious that you are not in their league. They will put you down, look down on you and belittle every single thing you are, have or have done.
There are some families that want to control everything and everyone around them. Some parents in homes like these will insist that their children marry from a particular tribe, that they be educated, be thin and fat at the same time and bear the names they give their children. Elder siblings pick this trait and try to control the families of their younger siblings and what goes on in their lives.

There are cases where the family members are diabolical. Everything they do is tied to voodoo. When they want to make decisions, they consult their oracles. They go as far as deciding and even choosing who their children will marry based on what they have "seen". You can be sure that when you marry into such a home, they'll expect you to go through certain rituals and initiations to be a part of the family.
These and so many other things that are associated to the peculiarity of every family. Every family has their own way of life. And just as we know, people grow and come out of certain weaknesses. People also live life based on their levels of consciousness and what they know is working for them. But what if they don't grow out of those weaknesses? What if it takes another twenty years for that change to happen? Will your relationship survive the effect of that family on your relationship within that twenty years?

So as a single person trying to get married into a family, you must have the following things in mind before taking the decision to go ahead.

1. Do not judge that family. Just as they have their own issues, your family has theirs too. And your potential spouse will have to deal with them as well.

2. See if the issues are what you can tolerate for the rest of your life or not. For example, whenever your fiancé has issues with his brother they always break into a fight because it is a normal thing. Is this something you can tolerate all your life? You also have to consider how this relates to you. Will he act the same way towards you; fight with you, beat you up, apologize and try to make amends because this is what he saw growing up and it's just normal for him?

3. Try to understand their beliefs, culture and tradition. See if it agrees with yours. E.g. If you are asked to come to the family shrine to be initiated into the family or travel to the village to do yearly sacrifices, will you be okay with that?

4. What is the position of your potential spouse on these issues? E.g Does he find his mother's domineering attitude normal or abnormal? Does he stand up to his family and defend you? Or does he chicken out and leave you unprotected?

5. Most importantly, discuss with your potential spouse about your backgrounds/families. Do not leave any stone unturned. Visit them to build relationships with them. Refuse to be introduced to them one week to your wedding. So that they don't assume your partner must have told you everything about them. While building that rapport, be observant. Don't be intimidated, be yourself and make your own decisions.
I know people can be different from their family members. But at the same time, and so may be your potential spouse should know that an apple does not fall too far from it's tree. They may not be like their family members in terms of attitude, but what about the influence that family has over them? Are they completely free from it?
Just make sure that by the time you have decided to get married, you are dead sure that his/her family can be your family for life. Be sure that your life, marriage and destiny will be safe by your life-long association with them. This also means that towards them, you will develop a default setting for forgiving just like you do with your own family whenever they offend you.
The family you inherit by marriage can be a gift or a thorn in your flesh. I am blessed to be married to the family of my wife, Sola. They are a great blessing that I can't begin to quantify. I have learnt to love them like my own blood. This is the same way my wife feels about my family. Family is everything. Make sure yours is everything.
Receive sense.

Chris Chukwunyere is a relationship counsellor, an author, a social entrepreneur and pubic health practitioner. He is committed to helping people building leading relationships that will influence cultures and transform societies.

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Instagram: @chrisinspire
Twitter: @chrisinspire

Sunday, October 29



So I was at a wonderful place this weekend in preparation for 
#JTOW2017 outreach.

I heard about the place and went to see for myself.
I was amazed!

For those who don't know,

Makoko is a small neighbourhood across the 3rd Mainland Bridge located on the coast of mainland Lagos. A third of the community is built on stilts along the lagoon and the rest is on the land. The waterfront part of the community is largely harboured by the Egun people who migrated from Badagary and Republic of Benin (wikipedia).

Makoko community courtesy of Wikipedia
This is the chosen community for JTOW outreach scheduled for Saturday, December 9th.

We would be taking supplies (Educational materials, clothes and shoes) as well as LIFE (Christ) to them.

I'll love that you empower us to go by donating

Educational materials: Exercise books. Text books, pens and pencils, rulers sharpeners, erasers etc

Gently worn (washed and wear ready ) or New clothes and shoes especially for children and women. However, we will gladly accept items for teenagers and men.

You can support through any of the means below

By Donating Items

To donate Items,

SMS Name, Location and JTOW to 09094363727, 07017654880 or 09080428251 For example: Lucy Agege JTOW and we will get back to you.

By Purchasing a JTOW T-Shirt

To purchase, 
Send a whatsapp message to 07038803218 

By making Cash donations

For cash donations,
GT- BANK  0047372859 Princess Anne Atulaegwu
FIRST BANK 2021707737 Abstinence Icon Resource Concept
Kindly indicate Purpose of payment as JTOW

Volunteers are needed in the following units

Pick up: This team would help pick items from donors, when donors can’t bring it themselves.

Laundry: This team would help sort, wash (where necessary) and Iron wears.

Packaging: This team would help place items in their individual packs.

Distribution: This team would go with us on the actual day to distribute items to the community. Everyone on this team is required to purchase (discounted price)and wear the JTOW T-shirt.

Intercession: This team would help establish the salvation of souls. A few physical meeting and several whatsapp meetings would be held.

Social Media: This team would help rebroadcast approved posts on social media concerning the outreach.

To Volunteer,

Kindly click to let us know which area you would love to serve.  Click to learn about JTOW

Committed to your fulfilment
Anne Atulaegwu

Thursday, October 19


So you are tired of the maze race and set to make impart, huh?
That’s great!
Especially if you desire to be young and relevant.

Impart means a lot of things to different people. For one person it is to provide opportunities for school drop-outs to return to school; for another it is teaching the next generation to hone their skills and live up  the best of their potentials; to the other it is creating products that help simplify the hustle of everyday life.

Irrespective of what Impart means to you, there are three things that makes impart an actual impart.
1. The gift: The solution required to solve a problem or salvage a situation
2. The giver:  The custodian/facilitator/dispenser of a solution
3. The recipient: The person/people who benefit(s) from the giver.

Congratulations on deciding to make impart in your time. Below are five rules you can’t afford to mess with especially if you intend to make lasting impart.

1. Have a defined Niche:

There’s something about concentration. You can have all the money, skill and time in the world but if you invest all of that in just about anything that tickles your fancy? Your efforts will be like a cube of sugar in an ocean.

You guessed right.

You will make a difference but your efforts won’t be noticed as the situations will remain the same and your recipients won’t find the solution you are offering.

Let’s assume you want to impart youths. Youths are a niche in the general population. However, setting out to impart youths is still vague.

You should decide on,
What kind of youths (working class, students, graduates etc), Where (communities, localites)
What kind of problems do they have (education, relationship, finances etc).

So a clear niche for you could be
Youths, who are students within Ajeromi Ifelodun area of Lagos state, having issues cultivating meaningful relationships.

Get the picture?

2. Have a clear purpose

When you toss in sugar in cup of tea, it is believed that you want it sweet isn’t? But did you know we all want a different degree of sweetness in our cups of tea? That’s why one person puts in a cube and another puts in three cubes in the same tea cup sized drink.

When you are clear about your purpose, you will effectively channel your resources towards achieving the desired goals on your impart agenda.

Having a clear purpose entails pre-determining the extent to which you want to see changes /improvement on your recipients.

It could read something like, after this project, 200 deaf people within the Ikoyi area of Lagos state, would be able to use the American Sign Language proficiently.

You will also need to decide on want proficiency means to you (remember degree of sweetness in our cups of tea?).

Proficiency might mean that they are able to exchange pleasantries and hold everyday conversations (one cube of sugar) or it could mean that they are able to transact at banks, businesses places and even go for a university education  (three cubes of sugar).

Whatever proficiency might mean is as important as knowing exactly what and how you intend to make it happen for the recipients.

You feel me?

3. Build a system

A system is a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done. It is an organized scheme or method applied to achieve a goal.

One fatal mistake young people make is to hop on activities or churn out endless streams of events in bid to make impart. While events or activities could be a means to make impart, it is not sufficient in itself. It takes a connection of related activities/events backed up by an underlying procedure to form a system that makes impart.

For example, if you want to host an event for teenagers. It’s not enough to throw out a catchy theme, top-notch speakers and a cozy venue. You must have a pre-determined procedure/principle that will guide the event towards achieving the ultimate goal on your impart agenda. Some of these procedures involves what the speakers will talk about, the nature of entertainment (music/dance/poetry) that will be present at the event and how all of this would tie up to make the kind of difference that you intend to offer. 
The key word is intentionality. It must all be planned out. Nothing should be left to chance!

A more practical example would be how we run the eagle’s soar conference. Eagle’s Soar conference is organized to include two speakers, one panel session and a prophetic session. If we have to skip a speaker session or panel session to make room for the prophetic, we do it!

We often start out as some business-like gathering of young people and end in a strong prophetic atmosphere. After the conference, the attendees participate in an online or offline mentoring session during which the central message of the conference is further impressed in their hearts. This system enables us to raise a generation of PASSIONATE young people, EQUIPPED to EXECUTE God’s purpose in their spheres.

Am I communicating?

There is a system for your kind of platform (business or services/ministry). Find what works and set it up.


4.    Be consistent

I have had moments when I look at what I’m about and wonder if it is making sense. I draw strength to continue by reminding myself of why I started out in the first place. The reason you began will determine if you last in the world of impart or not.

So why did you start working with teenagers?
Why did you start writing novels?
Why did you go into public speaking?
Why did you opt for spoken word performance?
In your answer lies the strength to continue.

If you haven’t achieved your goal yet, while quit?
If you have achieved your goal (I assuming of imparting a group of people or positively influencing a social situation), who says you can’t raise the next generation to carry on with that?

Consistency is not a gift of the Holy Spirit, darling! It is a discipline that you imbibe and a character that you would have to cultivate by choice.

You are the one to decide to sit your butt down and finish your book. You are the one who will decide to keep posting about a particular message LONG enough for your pack to hear your call and holla back. It’s your decision, it’s your assignment, and it’s your baby!
Stand by it!

5.       Switch on the lights

You know what I really think of true impart? True impart is one that refreshes the mind or body and revives the spirit.

I need you to know, that whatever you decide to do you must switch on the lights for the recipients to see and possibly acknowledge Jesus as son of God.

It doesn’t matter the theme of your business nor the shape or size of the system you’ve set up for making impart. You must find a way to intentionally expose (turn on the lights) people to Jesus enough for them to come to him.

You owe them the opportunity. Don’t back down. 

The primary reason God gives believers the opportunity/privilege to come into a place of power and influence in any sector, is not so we can be politically correct. It’s so we can lift him high enough for Him to draw others to himself. Don’t get it twisted.

Read: Betrayed

Hear me darling, Earthly usefulness without eternal relevance is a complete waste of strength. Look out for ways to present an opportunity for your benefactors to embrace salvation for their souls. Ask the Lord for wisdom to apply this in your sphere.

I believe in you!

Committed to your fulfillment

Are you between ages 16 and 35? Are you an aspiring/practising sociopreneur? Are you an aspiring/practising  Music Minister? Are you an aspiring/practising Word minister? Become The M420 protege today! Click for details

Wednesday, October 11


With the close of the age fast approaching, there’s an imminent demand for willing and well-formed vessels committed to effectively execute the father’s end-time agenda for the nation’s of the earth. The M420 Protégé is a mentoring programme birthed to meet this demand.

The acronym M420 stands for Mark 4:20 which reads “And the seed that fell on good soil represents those who hear and accept God's word and produce a harvest of thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times as much as had been planted!" (NLT)

Are you between ages 16 and 35?
Are you an aspiring/practising sociopreneur?
Are you an aspiring/practising  Music Minister?
Are you an aspiring/practising Word minister?
Then this mentoring journey is designed for you.

The M420 Protégé programme is an intensive six month training, coaching and leadership journey geared to make you,
Formed: Embodying the inner essence of the person, nature and character of Christ (Galatians 4:19)
Fervent: Possessing a soul fire that propels diligence and commitment towards responsibilities (Romans 12:11)
Fruitful: Yielding the highest positive results in assigned spheres of influence
As a sociopreneur, Music minister or Word minster.

This programme involves physical meetings with the mentor and therefore is restricted to Lagos residents for now (However, If you can afford to travel as much as is required, you may enrol). 

Programme Duration: November, 4th 2017-April, 7th 2018
Investment: N10000 (Ten thousand naira only) 

CLick to become an M420 Protégé Now 

Just so we are clear, 

A sociopreneur is a person who runs a business solely for a purpose which benefits communities using profit making as a tool.  

As Caroline Bach rightly says, “Sociopreneurs are generous, visionary and innovative local leaders who have chosen to invest with both their hearts and minds to solve local social problems and bring economic development to an area”

B.S Raghavan  defines sociopreneurs as self-motivated and self-propelled individuals with a social conscience and social commitment who are impelled by an irresistible urge to fulfill a social need or remedy a social ill by applying the same principles of creativity, innovation and experimentation as are relevant to entrepreneurship in general, with voluntarism as the driving force.

CLick to become an M420 Protégé Now 

A music minister provides the body of christ with musical inspiration, guidance and leadership as part of a church's musical group or as part of an independent music team.

A word minister is an individual trained and charged with the responsibility to teach children, youths or adults from the word of God.

Registration ends Tuesday, October 31st 2017 

Committed to your fulfilment 

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