Wednesday, June 1


1.    Build a relationship only after you have discovered purpose. This will save you from getting tied up with the wrong person in life.

2.    There’s a reason the woman is made soft. Allow that part of your feminity flow when relating not just with your man but with other people too. Be kind, Be forgiving, Be temperate, Be considerate, Be hospitable.

3.    Don’t accept a man you cannot “look up to” for some sense of direction (spiritually, financially, emotionally, intellectually etc).  The man is the leader; if you can’t get yourself to follow, then don’t start at all.

4.    Never stay as “matter” (having weight and occupying space) in a man’s life. Ensure that you’re contributing to something that matters to him.

5.    Take care of your body. That is the only house that truly belongs to you.

6.    Sketch up your dreams and live them up! Stop using your children as excuses for failed dreams. You only live once!

7.    Your man can’t “completely satisfy” you.  That inner craving for wholeness can only be filled by JESUS. Stop drowning your man in a God-size hole.

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Committed to your fulfilment
Anne Atulaegwu



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