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When I was younger, I had a wish. I wished that I could move from street to street selling to anyone who cared to buy.
I admired people who moved about carrying their wares on their heads because I felt they had the privilege of sightseeing and freedom of movement. 
The only chance I got to see places was when we were in the car on our way to church or school. 
The other times were when we occasionally visited Amusement Park or stopped by the then famous Mr. Biggs for lunch. This was in the 90’s. I soon got bored from seeing the same routes and sights. 

I wished for more sightseeing opportunities and freedom of movement. I thought the only way I could get those was to be like the other children or adults who hawked their wares.
One day, my wish came to be! 
My mum came across bananas sold unbelievably cheap. She bought a lot and decided to sell some of…
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Your mind is constantly working; while you sleep, work or chat. As all that happens, it collates lots of data in its "cache" which happens to be your subconscious mind.

These data directly and indirectly influences the results you get in life, relationships, business and in ministry.

There is a category of data stored in your mental cache called limiting beliefs.

A limiting belief is a conviction you hold as true about  yourself, about others, or about the world that prevents you  from being something, doing something you otherwise  would have done.

Limiting beliefs can be subtle. They often require bulb moments for their bearer to realize, “this is what has been holding me back all these years.”

Do you believe that the business will fail if you started without a master degree?

Do you believe you won’t get seed funds because you are not connected to the high and mighty in the industry?

Do you believe that you cannot serve successfully in ministry because no one in your famil…


You are going to have many days when you would feel like quitting. You might even have valid reasons on some of those days.

At first, the excitement pumps you silly. No one and nothing can stop you until...

Time drags and initial excitement wanes, motivation fizzles out and you just can't keep at it.

This happens with life projects, relationships, businesses and ministries.

The only antidote is Consistency.

If you can recall a minimum of 2 important things you started and abandoned in the last 3 years?

If you find it hard to stick to plans when you don't feel like it?

If you've lost an opportunity because you didn't follow through with filling a long form?

If you've got visions written down that has never left paper to playout?

Join me at the CONSISTENCY BOOSTRAP on Whatsapp

Consistency Bootstrap is a 1-day online training  designed to help you

✔Mind tricks


Required for consistency in life, relations…


It can be frustrating to see other  people who in your opinion aren't "better" than you, get ahead and enjoy the luxuries of life.
You can't help but notice "Yewande" who had sex with all the boys in high school, now married. Her husband has also relocated her parents and siblings including their toothless bull dog to canada.

Read: Why do loose girls marry faster

Or is it "John", who was the dullard of the class, now flying first class all over the place.
Even Ade that doesn't know how to sing is the one whose album is selling all over the world.
You've taken your precious time to look at these people and you can't reconcile the reality of your  present situation with the truth that these people are no better than you, yet they appear to be doing better.
You are not the first person to feel this way. In fact one fine guy who works in church as a full time staff felt that way too. His name is Asaph (Psalms 73).
Asaph said He almost lost…

13 DAYS TO 30!


The big 30 is here!!

First, it took a bit of intentionality for me to process my thoughts and emotions. I mean, I had to sit and hold several conversations with my tripartite -Spirit, Soul and Body- in order to understand what I thought and feel about turning 30.

I want to scream right now.

Places my hand on my chest
Lifts my head up to the ceiling

While I can't exactly tell why I am so excited about the figure 30, I am certain that I love how it feels to clinch this pretty even number without carrying pouches of regrets in my tiny heart.

The last 29 years was more than I prayed for, somewhat dramatic, and massively fulfilling.

Looking back on this 13th day to 30, I can't help but realize that I am blessed beyond description.

I am one of those privileged few who have their Purpose, Passion, Productivity and Profit connected. By that I mean, My career path is both my calling and my business.

Being a High school teacher, I get the opportunity to re…


The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire- Robert Kiyosaki (American Author and Successful businessman).

I believe one of the beautiful gifts of the human soul is the ability to desire. A desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.

The reason most people doubt the capacity of their desires to manifest is because they have many other unfulfilled desires. The challenge with unfulfilled desires is not that desire in itself lack the potential or capacity to manifest.
The challenge most times is that we don’t even know for sure what we desire.

Perhaps, you think you desire wealth. You have told yourself that you will be happier if you had more money in the bank. While that sounds like a legit desire, what you actually desire might be more control over your time so you can tour the world on vacation, being able to provide anything at any time for your family, being able to live in the…


When I newly got saved at age 9, each time father made me promises, I will be sooooo excited.
My eyes will pop, I will almost want to tell anyone who cared to hear. 
The things he said to a 9 year old girl where too big for her mind to fathom. I couldn't wait to grow up. I had to see, be and have all He promised.
I carried that auto excitement response mode into my teen years. Father won't stop painting fancy pictures. He won't stop saying high sounding things and I believed all of it.
Eventually, I saw most of what He said happening before my eyes. I could say like the psalmist to my onlookers, "Taste and See that my Lord is good".
Teen years ended at 19. I had my 20th birthday and everything changed. I had some significant experiences in my 16th and 19th year that gave me a rude awakening.

I found that His promises, those sweet whispers came with  price tags. Some of which He wouldn't say until you are about to pick them from the store.
One of those price …


And this year(2018), we are going to Ilaje-Bariga community in LagosπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

The photos below were taken by our Program director Miracle Obiorah who recently visited the location.

"Located in Bariga Local Government Area, it is not only one of the worst settlements in the megacity; it is also one of the most crowded.

 Conservatively, it is estimated that over 250,000 people live in Ilaje. But that’s not the real issue.

The real issue is no fewer than 10 people live in some of the one-room shanties erected on top of the lagoon." Says Yusuf a reporter at

How we choose our outreach destinations aka OUR FAVOURITE PLACES

We love to go wherever there is a need for physical supplies and the love of Christ, particularly  communities or nations with
•Poor living condition
• High mortality rate
•Poor access to Education
•Low believing/Christian population

Ilaje-Bariga comm…