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When I was younger, I had a wish. I wished that I could move from street to street selling to anyone who cared to buy.

I admired people who moved about carrying their wares on their heads because I felt they had the privilege of sightseeing and freedom of movement. 

The only chance I got to see places was when we were in the car on our way to church or school. 

The other times were when we occasionally visited Amusement Park or stopped by the then famous Mr. Biggs for lunch. This was in the 90’s. I soon got bored from seeing the same routes and sights. 

I wished for more sightseeing opportunities and freedom of movement. I thought the only way I could get those was to be like the other children or adults who hawked their wares.

One day, my wish came to be! 

My mum came across bananas sold unbelievably cheap. She bought a lot and decided to sell some of it.

She got home from work that day and asked that I took the bananas to her friend’s store some streets away. My eyes dilated in excitement. I couldn’t curtail my happiness. 

💥💥💥Let’s get you started on your best life yet.

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My mum never knew why I was so excited about the task. If only she knew I intended to hawk those bananas on my way to her friend’s store.

 I set the tray of bananas on my head and I began my walk to the store when suddenly, I had mixed feelings. I felt shame. I wondered if people would think we were suddenly poor. I wondered what they would think about me. I began to feel uneasy. Where did all the excitement go?

I thought that this was what I desperately wanted. I even remember praying that I would one day hawk like those kids and adults that I admired.  Why didn’t I feel as great as I thought I would?

I walked on, hoping someone would buy from me.

Perhaps, the excitement would return when I made a sale. Sadly, no one bought from me until I arrived at mum’s friend’s store. 


I greeted the lady and her clients and on her authorization, I displayed my bananas in front of her store. The excitement returned as I thought, “Here I was finally selling something on the street”.

That excitement was short-lived as the mixed feelings returned almost immediately. 

“What if my school mates drove by? What if a member of our church saw me? What if someone who knew my parents saw me? What would they think? "

I began to worry and couldn’t enjoy the moment. Why was I ashamed? Wasn’t this what I wanted all my life? At least, I had seen new places in the neighborhood and I am finally selling something.

I sat there worrying the whole time and wondering why I wasn’t as excited about my “wish come true”, as I was when I nursed the desire in my heart. 

💥💥💥Let’s get you started on your best life yet.

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The day came to an end with only two sales. I was disappointed. How could I sell only two bunches of bananas on a Saturday, from morning till evening? Was this what those hawkers experienced daily? I went home sad and was glad my mum never asked me to do that again.

I learnt from that experience and several others that wishes come true. Some of them, you have to intentionally pursue and others like my street hawk experience, life makes happen for you. 

However, whether you intentionally pursue your wishes or life makes them happen, I have found that true satisfaction and deep fulfillment isn’t dependent on the manifestation of a wish. Rather, it is dependent on how clear you are about what you wish for and why you wish for it.

For instance, a lady could spend all her time strongly chasing marriage only to eventually get married and realize she just wanted financial security and someone (a child) to call her mum but not the weight and wins of a marriage.

 In my case, I wanted freedom of movement. I wanted the privilege of going wherever I desired without having to worry about my parents’ approval. I wanted to know my neighbourhood and see more interesting places around. I thought hawking goods was my best chance at that. I finally got my wish and had a horrible day because it turned out that hawking, freedom and sightseeing were not exactly related.

#Turnwishestowins book is not another magic wand formula to a made-in-heaven life. No one has the magic wand formula. 

Most books or courses that promise that actually never deliver because there really isn’t any magic wand formula to your dream life.This is because we all want different things from life. 

However, there is one thing we all want from life. Children want it, adults want it, grieving wives want it, disrespected husbands want it, failing students want it, A-list students want it, the poor want it, the rich want it, the divorced want it, the singles want it, the married wants it, professionals want it, applicants want it, and you want it. It is called deep, lasting fulfillment.

Fulfilment is the achievement of something desired, promised or predicted. 

You may have no promises to look forward to, you may have no predictions to anticipate, but there is no second in your life that you are without a desire.

From simple every day matters such as desiring sleep, desiring food, desiring acceptance and recognition, to the important milestone matters such as desiring a spouse, desiring a degree, desiring a huge income, desiring a successful ministry, desiring a global business; there is no time in your life when you are without desires. 

Desires are the roots of all wishes and how you handle your desires determine if you have wins or losses in life. ========Read that again

In the first part of this book (rule storms), 

I show you how to navigate the 5 most common and deadly storms of life. 

These storms challenge your desires, incapacitate your wishes and prevent you from recording the wins that you deserve. 

👉You will learn to wield these storms to do your bidding.

In the second part (execute missions),

I show you the 8 powers upon and by which every notable result is built.

👉You will execute your missions effectively and excellently. No more regrets, No more wasted resources, No more misplaced priorities, No more buried hopes. 

In the third part (Grab gold), I share with you 7 qualities of people who turn wishes into wins. Never again would you worry that the good you deserve is yet to manifest because 

👉You will become someone who turns wishes into wins and live unapologetically fulfilled.

💥💥💥Let’s get you started on your best life yet.

ORDER NOW (Paper back)


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Committed to your fulfilment Princess-Anne Atulaegwu


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