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It felt so good to finally be in a place of absolute peace and satisfaction. It was a very tall mansion. I had imagined it would be a simple room. I was wrong. James jolted me off my wonder land. “How long do you think we would be here, honey?” He asked. 

“Forever”, I replied. 
“I love you enough to stay forever”, I added.  

 James loved my reply. He was also determined to stay  with me forever.

The first few storeys were not quite easy. I had to daily work at understanding James. I could also see that he made some efforts to love and honor me as I desired.
There were times I felt like getting off this department and returning to the relationship department; but when I remember how long it took me to get here, the thoughts of quitting just turn useless.

“My love”, James called when we got on the 3rd storey. “I am so happy to be with you. You completely complete me and the journey at this department would have made no sense without you”. He added.

It felt so fulfilling to hear my man say that to me. The past 3 years had been a school for us and we both have grown into maturity. We had a better control over our emotions and our commitment to our God was deepened. I couldn’t have asked for more.
I woke up one morning and got a very strong nudge to look up my DM guide. I picked it up from my dressing table. I looked up the word ‘3rd storey’ and it read.
“Congratulations! It’s a good thing that you didn’t quit on this department. The first 3 years are the most challenging of a marriage because both of you are yet to find a perfect sync with each other’s personality. I encourage you to stick to your partner through the next 7 years and beyond. There is a reward for faithfulness. At this point, it is time for you to proceed to the next department. However, the marriage department remains an ever present reality on this journey. Ensure that you daily commit to the progress of your partner and yourself on this journey. Oneness of mind and heart is extremely important for both of you to succeed. You would now have to discuss (the instruction you get from this guide) with your spouse and ensure that you have his support before acting.” Go to page 403 for the latest instruction.
I raced on to page 403 of the DM guide. It read, “Souls are waiting. Execute the mandate.”
I felt a strong surge of grace and strength envelope my being. I called my husband to sit by me and I shared all I had just read from the guide. James was completely at peace with all I said. He encouraged me to begin and assured me that we were in it together.  He said he strongly felt it was time and he was giving me a car to enable me successfully move back and forth from marriage department to ministry department.

It was a really long road. It seemed dusty and its path alternated between hills and valleys.  I was a bit overwhelmed. I wondered how I could successfully navigate its path. 
I noticed a beeping light on the board of my car. I pressed the corresponding button. It was a message from James. It read,  
“Darling, the road to fulfillment doesn’t look smooth at first. I am here as your priest and lover. I assure you that I am standing by you on this journey. Christ is in the vehicle with you. Let him lead. forever one”
 An adrenaline so divine and powerful overthrew my fears after I saw that message. I fired my car engine and began the ride through ministry’s department. I soon found that my James had several empowering and enlightening messages embedded in the car.
I had driven some 4 miles along the path when I suddenly saw a bended route. I didn’t know what to expect. I moved on in faith. The bend led to a straight route with lots of pot holes and huge snakes. I knew I had to be careful. I pulled up for a quick consultation with my DM guide. It read,
“Be careful not to get into these potholes. They have ended the journey of some who came before you. Do not be afraid of the serpents. You have what it takes to tread upon them. Do not fear. Execute the mandate.”
My boldness returned. Then came the beep that brings a word from my James. It read,
“Baby, I’m praying for you. Don’t let the serpents or any situation distract you. My DM guide says you are close to a smooth path. Move on, my own. Forever one.”
What more did I need to hear? I rolled up the glasses of my car in a bid to avoid a serpentine distraction as my James had advised. Moving the gear to a controllable speed, I raced on to execute the mandate. 
I moved gracefully along the path, avoiding those potholes. I couldn’t imagine being told I had failed. After a really long while, I began to hear the cries of a multitude. I couldn’t see anyone yet but I could tell that they were in a bad situation and really needed help. My heart couldn’t ignore their cries and I knew I had to arrive in time to save them.
It began to rain. The road seemed blurry and slippery. The watch on my wrist began to tick real fast. I was nervous. I remembered the words of my husband “Don’t let the serpents or any situation distract you.” The words of my DM guide “Do not fear. Execute the mandate.”
I knew immediately that I could make it through the rain. I kept driving and shortly the rain stopped and I was finally on the smooth road.
My heart sighed in relief but that was only the beginning. The smooth road made driving easier and increased my speed. However, I got tempted to pull up and relax. The date on my car’s board read “February 17 1885”. It meant I had been on this journey for the past 7 years. I thought I could use some rest. After all a smooth road means I could arrive at the place of my assignment in time if I sped, right?
I had a bad feeling about the idea. Besides, the cries of the multitude ahead just couldn’t offer me the luxury of a roadside nap. I decided to move on.
It took 7 extra hours to arrive at the place of the assignment. What? I’m so glad I didn’t risk a nap on my mandate.
I pulled up by the side of the road. I walked towards the podium waiting for me. There stood my husband at a side on the stage, passionately interceding for me. It was such an encouraging sight.
The crowd was a mixed multitude. I saw dark, white and red skinned people all over the place. The crowd stretched into a far end. It was impossible to see the end.  Small, great, young and old all stretched their hands towards me. They called out in pain, “Please help us!!!”
As soon as I picked up the microphone, the power of God swept across the multitude. They transformed from a dying, helpless, in-bondage population to a living, empowered, free army. Every one of them encountered destiny and took their stages. A powerful web of revival swept across the whole earth.
I couldn’t stop thanking God and my husband. Finally I was fulfilling my purpose.
James and I were at the 10th storey building at this point. We decided to have our 10 years wedding anniversary on a luxurious island. I was glad I didn’t let Henry deceive me into staying with him. Indeed it pays to use the DM guide.

“What’s the time baby?” James asked. 
It was 7 am in the morning. Rolling to my side of the bed, he embraced me so warmly.
“I consulted my DM guide and it says we ought to have a boutique.” said James. “Okay my love, would we have a specialty or deal on everything?” I asked
James explained that we would deal on everything- shoes, clothes, underwear, sun shades, hats etc. 
We bought an abandoned and deteriorated fashion house. James had a knack for excellence and it drove him into transforming the house into a tourist site of attraction.
Within 1 year, we paid the bills of 150 members of staff.  James and I used proceeds from the business to finance projects on our mandates together. 
Items from the boutique had both subtle and direct influence on our customers. We wisely themed our corporate (as a couple) and personal mandate on each item.
Each day, people got inspired and drawn towards God.
Within 5 years, we had a built a conglomerate of businesses- schools, media houses, publishing houses, consultancy firm, food products and more.
Thanks to our DM guide.

It had been years since I had been working at the media house where I met James. I had moved from being one of the employees to being a top executive. I had become one of the few owners of the media house. I bought 60 percent of the organization’s share because I wanted to control what it airs.
This decision was made when the program director was changed some years back. The new program director influenced the share holders and top executives to lower the standards. He felt the media house was being too kingdom minded. 
I remembered how this organization gave me room to fine tune my skills in mass communication while brewing my passion for the kingdom.
My James and I wouldn’t have got to where we are today, if it weren’t for the purposeful approach (the organization gave its duties) and kingdom culture instilled in us.
I felt I had got to the zenith when I remembered that it would be wise for me to consult the DM guide at this point. It read,
“You have done well so far. Many people miss it from the point they enter Destiny’s mall. I am glad you have followed instruction up till now. However, this is not the zenith in this department. You have very little worth in this mall if you cannot raise the next generation. Now it is time for you to mentor young people in the media field. Hone their skills and show them a more excellent way-PURPOSE”
I closed the guide. I was convinced that a life without a purpose, My DM Guide (Holy Spirit) and a commitment to divine instruction, is an existential disaster.
 My heart yearned to help young people align with their purposes. It was time to speak with James….

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