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Lydia threw herself mindlessly on the ground. Stumping her hands and feet simultaneously, she shouted out to the King, "Avenge Me!”
The guards couldn’t hold her down. She kicked, scratched, yelled, wept, pushed and wailed.  They all stared at her in amazement.
King Pochus wasn’t one to fear neither God nor men. He did what He pleased and would rather host a feast than listen to anyone wailing at his gates. He was their King but lived for himself.

Every day, Lydia came as early as 4am to the palace and will wail out her strength till 10pm at night. She did this persistently for days.

On the 92nd day, the wake-man who was charged with playing the violin for the king to awaken from his sleep, was doing his thing. The king kept sleeping despite the wake-man’s music.
 Lydia hit the gates with such force that the King jolted off his sleep. “What’s the meaning of this?” King Pochus yelled. The wake man stood alarmed at the sudden loud sound that came from the gates. “I …I …..I do not know m…


No time!

Sometimes the weight wreak at me
Sometimes the waves rave at me
Sometimes the wind wave at me
But there is just no time

Just no time to stay down
Just no time to stay bowed
Just no time to stay brown
Just no time to stay drowned

One more try holds the loot
One more try holds the good
One more try holds the boom
Just no time to stay gloom
#Anneatulaegwu #AnniesPoematics #FulfilingdestinySeries


Gordon got on his balcony. The blaring sound of moving vehicles and the bustle of Mushin in Lagos state had just jerked him off his sleep. He isn’t your regular pray-first-thing-in the morning-kinda guy and so the balcony of his one room, face-me-I slap-you apartment was his “hello God” I’m awake routine.
It was about 8 am in the morning. He watched the women sitting beside their wares and calling on early shoppers, conductors screaming their destinations for passengers to come in, car owners negotiating their way through the busy roads, Birds flying across the sky, chirping off happily like they had no cares, Pedestrians walking across the street wearing obvious concerns on their faces.
Gordon leaned on the rail. His mind was saturated with the sermon from yesterday. “Jesus is the only way to God”, the voice of his pastor echoed. “Could this mean that this crowd before him this morning is already condemned if they don’t believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God? How can all these peopl…