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GOD’S WILL: Two words which weigh differently with people. For one group, it is that sacred doesn’t-matter at first opinion of God over (Insert matter); to the other group, the will of God is their will painted in spiritual gibberish and “Ngaga-ism” (Don’t look for that in the dictionary though. It is coined from the Igbo word Ngaga which means pride) and for another group, the will of God is simply a slang they pull up in a bid to look “humble”.

How funny… LOL

Well, this post is definitely not a lecture on the will of God. So don’t roll your eyes yet or ever.

But wait a minute; let’s really look at it…

Have you ever prayed that God should use you? Have you ever said things like, “Whatever you want, Lord?”  If you have, then you should keep reading because this post concerns you in a mega way.

So Anne Bring On The Gist….

For most people, they grow from childhood; through teen years and then adulthood and never bother about God’s will until it’s time to “get married”.

To no fault of theirs (I choose to excuse us), they are probably ignorant of the truth that God is an intelligent planner and takes details into consideration better than the best event planner.

I like to look at life as a journey. One in which we meet the mountains and valleys, seas and lakes, bustops and fast lanes. And if life is a journey, we definitely need a guide (God’s Plan/Will/Purpose/Intent) to help us navigate the crevices on our route and eventually arrive safely at our destination.

Now God has our journey planned out but He has given us the power to make choices. These choices decide the twist and turns that our journeys will possess. And even though our choices mayn’t always lead us in the best possible path, God in His infinite mercy expertly handles the consequences of our choices such that they lead us back into the “best” place we ought to be. Click to Tweet This

How loving He is!

It’s just a pity that most people have come to the point where they dread the “will of God”. They imagine it as ugly, often being something you ordinarily won’t like and all those crappy images the enemy has painted in our heads.

For years, I thought the will of God was something “awful” at first but eventually “nice”. Oh how I laughed at myself when I began to learn that the will of God is nothing like that.

The process might be “awful” but God’s Plan/Will/Purpose/Intent in itself is never “awful”. Click to Tweet This

I learnt that the will of God is a summary of God’s best design for us, revealed every step along the way. Click to Tweet This

Hence, God doesn’t want us consulting Him only when it’s time to walk down the aisle. He wants to be part of our everyday life, from places to visit, to friends to keep, to career path to follow and even to where we live! Click to TweetThis


So some people eventually come to the point where they accept the truth that God knows best and wants to give them the best. Hence, they go to Him in prayer and sincerely say, “Use me Lord”, “I give my life completely to you” or put in simple English, they give their lives to Christ. So while they expect things to go all rosy for them or fairly rosy (for those not expecting much), things begin to go the opposite. They probably lose their jobs, a sweetheart suddenly calls it off or someone just literally picks their world and empties it upside down.

While all the drama goes on, we become afraid and buy Satan’s old gist that serving God is ugly. If only we knew that there can’t be a new without the breaking off of the old.

Do you remember how a chick comes into the world? A shell gets cracked up and broken! The birthing of something new and wonderful is usually preceded by some sort of pain. If in doubt, ask the beautiful ceramic ware in your kitchen, how it felt going through the Kiln, ask the amiable gold jewelry in the store how it felt in the refiner’s fire or ask your mother how it felt bringing you into this world.

The journey to greatness isn’t free of pain, hurt, disappointment or shocks! You better expect it baby. 

Yet, the hurt, pain, disappointment or shocks are not the will of God for us. They are simply tools/processes by which we enter the fullness of the glory of God’s Plan/Will/Purpose/Intent for our lives.
So when you’ve accepted or decided to totally embrace God’s Plan/Will/Purpose/Intent for your life you sign up for a strip session.

Prepare to lose anything/everything.  Remember the scripture which says, “If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it? Matthew 16:25
You see, God already told us there will be losses initially.

The process will strip you off some if not all of the comfort you’ve been used to. It will strip you of those dear things you’ve held closely to heart. Again, not because God enjoys to see us cry but because the old, fake, temporal, mundane, irrelevant must go for the new, original, permanent, eternal, relevant YOU to emerge. Click to Tweet This

Now if you are truly ready, below are five (5) things you mustn’t dare when seeking the will of God

1.  Don’t Negotiate: Never negotiate with God over His Plan/Will/Purpose/Intent for your life. Negotiation seems like a wise thing to do in the midst of confusion or chaos. However, just as the potter knows the degree of fire that is best for the pot, so does God. The fire placed on the pot is determined by the design the potter has in mind (the glory), how strong he wants the pot to be (the strength) and what the pot would be used for (the purpose). Trust me, He knows best so don’t try to talk Him into reducing the fire or pressure. Simply ask for strength and wisdom to go through in order to become.

2.  Don’t Cling: In certain seasons, God will allow certain people, things or/and opportunities to come into your life. The issue is that some of these people, things and opportunities are for a while not the rest of the journey. As humans, we have the tendency to cling to them because they’ve provided a temporal form of comfort or soothing to us. Don’t do this if you truly want to become the potter’s finest. Many people have aborted their process by clinging permanently to what God intended for a season.

Perhaps you woke up one morning and you don’t have your job anymore, or the young man you thought was going to be “The One” suddenly starts acting like he don’t remember you. Come on now sweetie, you know all the examples of being stripped! Don’t make me roll em out.LOL

Don’t Cling. Just enjoy the process. The father isn’t done with you yet. The best is in front. You signed up for His will remember? LOL

3.  Don’t’ Regret: Oh I used to look back at my journey and get tempted to wish I didn’t make certain decisions. But the Lord didn’t spare His Love and reminded me that whoever looks back isn’t fit for the crown (Luke 9:62).
Honey, you don’t know how badly I want to wear that crown. I want it so bad that I was willing to give up people and places and I am still willing to give up some more. Therefore, I repented when the Lord drew my attention to the truth that looking back and wishing you did things differently is the same as turning your back on Him because where you look, you will soon go! Click to Tweet This.

So stop it baby. Keep your eyes on the author of your destiny and the writer of your times. He knows what He is doing. Besides, even if you made a mistake on your choices, HE ALREADY HAS A CONNECTING ROUTE TO PUT YOU BACK IN HIS WILL. He is as faithful as Faithful and HE LOVES YOU LIKE CRAZY.

4.  Don’t Compare: If you’ve read my books or posts or seen my videos, you will know by now that I hit on this a lot. Comparison is ugly. You know how dumb it is to compare answers in an examination hall when you’re writing Biology and the other person is writing Government? Now, that’s how we look when we sit down and compare our journey with another. You are unique and God’s Plan/Will/Purpose/Intent is Original. You have to be #DestinyContent. Stop wishing to be others!

5.  Don’t Complain: You don’t have to think for too long before you remember the generation of Israel that perished in the wilderness, on their way to the promised land (Exodus 16:2). God totally hates the hissing and face squeezing on the journey. He desperately wants us to enjoy Life where we are on our way to our destined rest!

We must learn to rejoice in the Lord always (Philippians 4:4). Unlike happiness which is dependent on events, Joy is a state of the heart and is a function of your Spirit not your environment. This means Joy or rejoicing is a choice. The Lord had to teach me this the hard way. I used to get depressed over little things. For years, I’ll let little stuffs and major stuffs make me sad. Soon the Lord got tired of watching me live that way (Being happy only when something “good” happens). He began to teach me how to induce happiness on my mind by tapping into the Joy of the Holy Ghost. During that season, He permitted things to go disappointingly for me until I learnt to keep my Joy in the face of hurts, disappointment or whatever else.

“So how do you tap into the Joy of the Holy ghost Princess?”  You might ask
1.  Refocus your mind: Depression or sadness comes when we keep our hearts on the crap going on around us. So rather than think about the situation, the people, the drama, think on God’s love for you and the truth that nothing takes Him unaware.
2.  Put on your favorite worship/Praise Song: The song OKAKA by Frank Edwards does it for me ALL THE TIME! I can’t stay sad when that song comes up. I really hope I will be able to bring FRANKIE to my wedding to sing that song. LOL
3.  Tongue: Oh darling, This tongue thing works o. Blast It like you just don’t care and you will see the mighty power at work in you, fixing up your emotions and aligning it with the JOYFUL NATURE of CHRIST in YOU!

Again, when seeking the will of God, don’t negotiate, cling, regret, compare nor complain.
We will make it to our Promised Land!
I love you…

Committed to your Fulfillment

Anne Atulaegwu

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