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You know moments after a cooperate or personal fast when you feel pumped up and power-stuffed, ready for anything on the Christian journey?
Yeah right!
Not until few weeks when you drag into the unexpected- tongues taste like soured milk, worship feels dry like pampers; personal bible study bores like calculus and so on.
People often think that lukewarmness begins when prayer life and study life becomes a drag. If only we knew what and when the real problem begins.
See babe, there is a huge difference between knowing something is wrong and knowing exactly what is wrong.
The Laodicean Churchwas aChristiancommunity established in the ancient city ofLaodicea now called Denizili in today’s country known as TURKEY1. Jesus had this to say about them back then as written in Revelations 3:15-19 (NLT) I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish that you were one or the other! But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth! You …


There are three platforms for fulfilling purpose- Pulpit, Secular or both.
Most times, young people get confused wondering if they are meant for the pulpit like pastors or the secular world (organizations and industries). They don't know if they could be for both or just one.

Eagle's Soar is one of the Birthplace conferences where young people are inspired, energized, tutored and dressed for God’s given mandate on their lives.
THE RECRUIT(Eagle's Soar Conference 2017) will Challenge mental limitations preventing you from excelling in your field·Unravel mysteries behind your fulfillment ·Equip and Position you for local and international relevance 

If you consider yourself young, savvy and influential or// you believe that you are the next big thing about to hit the world? Then you should be at Eagle’s Soar Conference 2017!!! Date: SATURDAY, 25TH MARCH 2017 Venue: Primal Hotel, 7 Point Road, Apapa GRA Time: 9am prompt PS: This is a FREE full day event scheduled to run from 9am to 3p…


I know they say it’s a maximum of three wishes when you blow the candle lights off your birthday cake. Well, I have five wishes today and it doesn’t matter whether I seal them by blowing the lights off a cake or not. LOL
So here they are 
     1.Have a group of people play the violin to me

     2.Watch live, crazy, creative fireworks

    3.Lodge in a 5 star hotel for days on vacation with the agenda being sleep, eat and write

    4.Have a candle light dinner by the beach with the special people in my life

   5.Go for a historic, outdoor photo shoot where I’m totally, royally, dope in all photos!!

    Dear princess-Anne,here is my official Happy birthday shout-out to you. I love being you! 

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