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1. We do what we choose to do. No one has any remote control with      which they control us. “SANE”- Anne Atulaegwu CLICK to get your copy of SANE

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2. When you compare yourself with others, you gradually drug your mind into a state of falsehood. Your mind magnifies the achievement of the other person and belittles yours. “7 SIGNS”- Anne Atulaegwu CLICK to get your copy of 7 SIGNS 

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 3. If you are in an abusive relationship, don’t ever entertain the thought of harming yourself nor committing suicide. It’s not your fault that the abuser has a personality disorder. Remember that you deserve to be happy. CLICK to get your copy of TAMAR 

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4. If you are looking for opportunities, focus on establishing relationships and creating value. When you look for ways to help others, you attract opportunities to yourself.  CLICK to get your copy of PROTHESIS 

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Everything that ever had an end, had a beginning; and nothing ever reached the end without a path. A path is the link between the start and the finish, the beginning and the end.
Your dream is currently on a path. It is important that you identify what Path your dream is on. If you walk on a path unconsciously, you will definitely reach an "unexpected" end.

Since dreams are an "expected end", then it is not wisdom in action for anyone to leave their dreams to (FATE ) unexpected paths. Dreams require intentionality for fulfilment.
These are CHOICES, RELATIONSHIPS AND SKILLS. Did you see money anywhere on this list? 70% of young people believe that money is the one thing they need for their dreams to move from #paper2playout. I once thought so too. Not until, I began to run the birthplace and its numerous programmes. I soon learnt that money isn't a path for dreams. I will show you its place later.
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CHOICES: Choice refers to the act of…