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It’s that time of the year when we host the twitter edition of #SaveAgirlChild.
This year’s edition is particularly interesting because we have some smack your brain to power topics enlisted!

Click to see first edition and  Second edition.

We are so going to have a Girlvolution. Wooohoo!! It is 5 days to go!!!
We have 9 solid speakers (yours truly intended #Winks) who are ready to cause a revolution in the way we do money, love, life, makeup and purpose!

Meet Our Speakers

Scheduled for 12pm to speak on DATING SUGAR DADDIES is @fisayofds (Follow on twitter)

Fisayo Dayo-Samuel is a graduate of Mass Communication from Ajayi Crowther University.
A Public Relations Expert and currently works with a Non-Governmental Organization as the Head Of the Public relations Officer. She also doubles as the General Manager for Audacity2Lead.

She is a certified practitioner of Family Systems Engineering, Neurocognitive Reprogramming, and Basic Family Life therapy where she focus on conflict resolution in relationship and family.

Fisayo Dayo-Samuel has worked as a magazine manager and editor for Family Life Impact Magazine. She also worked as a field reporter for Vanguard Newspaper Nigeria, among others.
Her contribution to ensure quality life among youths led to co-founding Young & Strong and I'm pleased to announce to you that she is the convener of a yearly Conference tagged "LEAP SUMMIT."

She has also been featured in different Youth magazines as she continues to disseminate the right message to the development of youths.
Her work with young adults center around helping them stop living a borrowed life and live their best life now. This she does through teaching, mentoring, counseling and organizing events.
Her goal is to help 10,000 youths project the true essence of their lives as expected by their Creator.

She is happily married to Dayo-Samuel and they work together to impact the lives of people .

Scheduled for 1 PM to speak on FIVE YEARS FROM NOW is @CDistinguished (Follow on twitter)

ChinyereDistinguished is an intentional young lady with a burning desire to live out all that God has deposited in her for the benefit of mankind and ultimately for His Glory.

Through her numerous write-ups on different platforms - blogs, social media and books, she is able to fulfil her passion of helping young adults to overcome self-limiting doubts, take full responsibility for their decisions, and hence, live a life of Excellence without limits.

She is also a sought after Speaker especially on topics relating to Singlehood, Self and purpose discovery, personal development, writing, and the likes.

Professionally, she is an astute editor and proficient content developer.

Scheduled for 2 PM to speak on  MENTAL HEALTH is @maryjaneokobi (Follow on twitter)

Maryjane Okobi is a lover of health, writer and an editor.

A recent graduate of nursing sciences,
Maryjane has one passion: to see the next door Nigerian attain optimal health without breaking the bank. This she strives to achieve via her writings.

Scheduled for 3PM to speak on BUTTERFLIES & CLOSED ZIPS is @Jibikespeaks (follow on twitter)

Ajibike Omosholape Makanjuola, is a product of an unstoppable drive to empower young girls in Nigeria and around the world with information and skills that builds self - knowledge, personal and socio- economic development at early age.

She's an alumnus of University of Lagos with M.Ed in social work and Community Development , a Chattered Meditator and Conciliator.

Right from her undergraduate days in University of Lagos, girls and adult literacy projects has been the core of her being, this passion got her NYSC State Award 2013 in Benue State for the tremendous Personal community development projects implemented. Her passion can be summed up in one word: IMPACT!

She is the Founder of Girl Child Enlightenment Foundation (GCEF), under which she initiated " Fresh and Exceptional Club" in Primary schools, Secondary, and Universities. She's an Advocate for the girl child and the communities . She promotes giving quality education to those in the rural communities through her Education Scholarship programs.

She is a devout Christian and a Music Minister.

Scheduled for 4PM to speak on  MAKE-UP ESSENTIALS is @AgraceyCharis (Follow on twitter)

Grace Atulaegwu is a lady who understands God's love for her.

She is a conference convener, speaker, youth coach, counselor, and Mentor. Grace is a graduate of Political Science and Psychology from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

She is the founder of Levites World Outreach, a Pastor's Children focused ministry with the mandate to raise a generation of ministers who would teach the truth of God's word accurately and confidently through conferences, seminars and mentoring.

She is Currently the National First Vice President of the All Nigerian United Nations Students Association; a student and youth arm of the United Nations. Grace is a Media Entrepreneur (Television and Radio Presenter), Minstrel and Beauty Artist.

She lives in Lagos, Nigeria; but she currently serves as a corper at the Ogun State House of Assembly, Abeokuta.

Scheduled for 5 PM to speak on  WHEN DREAMS TARRY is @UGoldchi (Follow on Twitter)

Ugochi Nwachukwu-Mba is a child care giver/minder. She helps with minding children /giving them care on a professional basis with the aim of influencing them positively, helping them find their potentials and guiding them to the right path of what God has intended for them so that they can begin to fulfil purpose early enough in life and live it to the fullest.

She also works with youths, holding hands with them with the aim of walking with them to purpose path so that they can navigate their way to living fulfilled lives.

She is also a Preacher|Speaker|Counsellor|Compère|Mentor|Educator and loves to act. She is a woman of grace with many parts.

She volunteers and is actively involved in several organisations.
When she intends to relax, she reads, writes, listens to music, travels or dances.

She has her first degree in Mass Communication from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Lagos.
She is happily married to her best friend

Scheduled for 6PM to speak on WEALTH ESSENTIALS is @tolu_do (Follow on Twitter)

Tolu Dima-Okojie is the founder of the Money Map Academy, a personal finance literacy organization, with a focus on teaching income earners how to stop being broke and leverage their income to create the future they desire.

"My goal is to make you financially conscious and accountable to yourself, so you become intentional about your future, because you work too hard not to reap the rewards of your labour." Says Tolu Dima-Okojie

Tolu graduated top of  her class with First Class Honours from Covenant University Ota, Nigeria and proceeded to obtain a Masters in Management and a Diploma in Entrepreneurship from the prestigious Imperial College, London. On returning from her masters, she worked at Unilever Nigeria PLC, as a Brand Manager and also worked as a Brand Development Manager at Unilever South Africa, PTY, before resigning to pursue her dreams.

Tolu is an Associate member of the
Financial Freedom Academy, UKwhich offers workplace financial education to employees, and as such,  facilitate with the FFA in training members of staff of top Nigerian multi- national companies in the Telecoms, FMCG and Banking sectors on their personal finances.

She loves to explore extreme sports, she is an enthusiastic reader of diverse books and is happily married with two children.

Scheduled for 7PM to speak on PRESS FOR PROGRESS is @PriestessOw (Follow on twitter)

Writer, serial Entrepreneur and Academic, Nneoma Otuegbe
is the Creative director and producer of Brainiac, a TV show aimed at discovering the best and Brightest children in Nigeria.

A seasoned Educationalist and a
passionate social and Women's rights Activist, Nneoma believes that people have more potential for
greatness than they often realize in one lifetime and it is her absolute conviction
that with the right values and a leaning towards hardwork and integrity, anything is possible.

Nneoma is also the Founder of Lolou Educational Initiative, a nonprofit committed to mentoring young people in the Niger Delta region to channel their
energy into creative writing and performance as opposed to violence.

Scheduled for 8PM to speak on PURPOSE REDEFINED is our convener @AtulaegwuAnne (Follow on Twitter)

Princess Anne Atulaegwu is an inspiring personality with a huge passion to see YOU live fulfilled. She is a conference convener, speaker, youth coach, counselor, Mentor and teacher.

Anne specializes in birthing God's purpose in the heart of young people, teaching them to nurse their vision and prophetically empowering them to fulfill destiny.

In the past 18 years, she has mentored and raised teens\youths from desolation into amazing destinies. She loves to be with them and throws in her all for their best to manifest.

Anne holds Bachelor’s in agricultural Education from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She holds a diploma in ministerial counseling and a bachelor’s degree in theology and Christian Education respectively from Faith College of Arts and Theology (FACAT), Lagos. She is a Chaplain from International institute of pastoral Education and Chaplaincy (IIPEC), Ogun state. She is a certified NLP practitioner and currently training towards certification as a Life Purpose Coach.

She is the founder of The Birth Place ; a youth and women focused faith based NGO with the mandate to raise a generation of passionate young people and women who establish God’s purpose in every facet of life through conferences, seminars and mentoring.
Anne is an author, psalmist, songwriter, poet and a great dancer.

Possessing an infectious passion for Christ and love for people, she excellently combines insights from scriptures, neuro-linguistic programming, positive psychology and behavioural science in her practise as a counselor, mentor, coach and teacher.


Simply follow  @BirthFlaceFdn or/and Speakers 

Remember, its Saturday May 12 2018. We begin at 12pm!
Have your phones ready!

Committed to your fulfilment
Anne Atulaegwu

PS: Tamar's pouch Conference is scheduled for July 28! (Save the date)
Details will be announced shortly.


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