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It’s a few months to the end of the year.

I want you to look deep within and answer these questions privately

1. Did I increase, Decrease, or Stagnate?

2. Am I satisfied with the outcome of my life, given all the opportunities and challenges I have had to deal with so far?

Please take a moment and genuinely answer these.


There was a pastor who spent his entire life and time serving a small congregation of people.
He was faithful even though things were really difficult.
They didn’t have a farm. Hence they had to buy most things.
This really affected them as the man had to borrow very often to feed his family.

They had 7 sons. The eldest was 14 and the youngest was 5.
The children needed a lot of food.
The man could barely feed them
His wife depended on what the man could bring.
She sometimes got assistance from her mum.

Things were really bad. To make it worse, the man died in his sleep one night.
His wife was broken and helpless. Her screams of shock alerted the neighbors who in turn sent a message to their kinsmen. The man was buried by noon that day.

Barely 30 minutes later, a man from the next local government area came. The widow was grateful that the man visited. She was expecting him to give her some money.

It turned out the man didn’t quite come on a condolensce visit. He came for his money. Pastor had borrowed from him in one one those seasons of draught.

The widow fell on her knees, begging the man to give her two days to refund his money.
Ofcourse, it was a hopeless promise as she had no one to turn to. The creditor told her he would return the next day. He didn’t have the patience to wait for 2 days.

Sadly, The children heard the mother weeping while speaking to someone. They came out to comfort her. The man saw the children and threatedned to take the 14 and 13 year old boys as slaves when he returns.

He walked away dragging the widow a few inches off her door mouth; as she held on to his leg in hope that she would beg her way into his heart.

Stupefied by the thoughts of having her children serve as slaves, she ran to the house of Prophet Elisha.

She recalled her husband’s faithfulness to God and his work as she poured her heart to Elisha, asking him for money.

Elisha didn’t ask her how much do you need? He asked, WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?

I don’t know what worked or didn’t work well for you in the past years.

Perhaps you are saying, if only I married that guy
If only I made that a 2:1 or a first class
If only I didn’t lose that baby.
My Joy would have been full.

While your eyes are fixed on what you think you need to flourish, blossom, live fulfilled or be happy?

The question God is asking you is WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP YOU?

Just before the woman had the time to name her price, Elisha asked another question, "What do you have in the house?"
In an instant, her mind ransacked her house.
 She saw into the emptiness of her house.

There was nothing.

She saw nothing.
She told Elisha nothing.

Looking at her Elisha said, "nothing really?"

It was then she remembered the almost empty Goya olive oil on her husband's bed side.

She decided to tell Elisha of it.

Perhaps, he would ask her to anoint the house so that the creditor would forget her address.

However, Elisha had a different motive.

He was going to HELP her not temporarily relieve her.

He was going to establish her with the very thing that appeared good for nothing.

The only thing in her hand and house were the almost empty Goya olive oil but it was the very thing by which the LORD planned to HELP (establish) her


However, there are a few steps you will take to turn that thing in your hand into a blessing. 

1. Recognize the thing in your hand.

Your job or lack of job
Your singleness
Your marriage
Your one and a half credit in school.
Your  whatever.

Recognise that you have it, even if you dont think its good enough!
After the widow recognised what she had in her hand, Elisha asked her to go borrow empty JARS from her friends, family and neighbours.

He was simply asking her to

2. Build capacity

Capacity begins with vision.
Vision is the possibilities around you.

The Instruction said borrow. It means go to people who are more exposed and can see on a higher perspective than you can.

There were all sorts of Jar sizes within her reach.
 She had to go get it.

Have you identified what you have?
 If you have, I want you to look through your contact list and write out those who have a thing or two to help you see better .

Vision determines capacity.
 You can't go where you don't see opportunities.
 When you learn to see (vision) opportunities, you will grow into taking hold of them (capacity)
What do you see concerning the oil in your hand?

Go meet those who have larger Jars. They have larger jars because they have seen that it is possible to have and own a filling station. That is why they own barrels.

But you only have a 25 litre keg because that’s all you can see yourself using.

Next Elisha said, go in to your house and shut the door.

3. Shut out the distractions!

All the self doubt, the negativity, the not good enough echoes?
You are done with them.

Leave it at the death of the past years.

Its a new season for you.

And the only way to go is UP in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!
Next Elisha said, pour the oil into the Jars.

4. Fit your little into the enlarged VISION/CAPACITY!

You can choose to stay there and accept your tailoring business is for your "dustbin laden street" or arise to the voice of this Prophet (Anne Atulaegwu)  and begin to stretch the boundaries of your tailoring business into Large Jar sizes like GUCCI and all' em international designers.

Train your eyes to hunt opportunities for GROWTH and INCREASE.
 Only then will your oil run over/overflow.

5. Follow Instruction!

God ALWAYS hides greatness in seeds of instruction.
Never discard them.
 Never do that!!

The woman obeyed a "foolish" instruction and she entered a season of plenty in a quick twist!!

6. Continue to increase your capacity.

One question i often ask myself is HOW CAN THIS BE BETTER?
 The question stretches my mind to imagine and leads me to borrow insight (jars) from the guys with the "bigger dimension" of the thing in my hand.

The moment there were no empty jars? The oil stayed.

Increase is commensurate to the space availble.

Make room for more!
Make room for bigger!!
Make room for more!!!

Do it now!!
When the woman told Elisha that the Jars were exhausted and the oil had stayed, He asked her to start selling.

The proceeds would pay the creditor and be enough to care of her children.

It was a miracle of HELPS!

7. Whatever you do learn to sell yourself (position yourself as valuable).

People have to receive YOU before they can receive the thing in your hand.

The thing in your hand, is as valuable as you.
Your marriage reflects your level of growth.
 Your business and ministry too.

Reposition yourself by first

1. Convincing YOU that you have what your world needs

2. Make BOLD MOVES  towards what you want.

Go where you see a need of what YOU HAVE!
You dont have to be an expert.

The widow had never sold anything in her life before.

Your first time is good enough!!

Value the thing in your hand.

Go prosper!!!!

I bless you with the blessings of the deep!!
 I command your land to yield her increase!!
 The four winds of the earth brings you helpers. 
You recognise them! 
You harness those relationships in Jesus name!! 
Warm Hugs..

Committed to your fulfilment 


Let's hang out in a cozy private Lunch in October 6th 2018


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