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13 DAYS TO 30!


The big 30 is here!!

First, it took a bit of intentionality for me to process my thoughts and emotions. I mean, I had to sit and hold several conversations with my tripartite -Spirit, Soul and Body- in order to understand what I thought and feel about turning 30.

I want to scream right now.

Places my hand on my chest
Lifts my head up to the ceiling

While I can't exactly tell why I am so excited about the figure 30, I am certain that I love how it feels to clinch this pretty even number without carrying pouches of regrets in my tiny heart.

The last 29 years was more than I prayed for, somewhat dramatic, and massively fulfilling.

Looking back on this 13th day to 30, I can't help but realize that I am blessed beyond description.

I am one of those privileged few who have their Purpose, Passion, Productivity and Profit connected. By that I mean, My career path is both my calling and my business.

Being a High school teacher, I get the opportunity to relate with teenagers every day of my pretty life. I am privileged to influence and impact/impart them while getting paid to do so.

As a founder of a functional and productive NGO, The Birthplace Empowerment Foundationa youth and women focused faith based NGO with the mandate to raise a generation of passionate young people and women who establish God’s purpose and engineer positive changes in every facet of life through conferences, seminars and mentoring.Nothing leaves me high for days as getting feedbacks from the beneficiaries of our programs and projects.

God is kind.

I don't quite have a "purposeful" reason for this blogpost. So this isn't about "30 rhemas that will change you life."


I just wanted to document my joy. Truth be told, 13 days to 30 sounded like a great title for a gist- Movie, Book, Article, Show etc.

I didn't want to waste it. So I decided to blog today.
Mundane, I guess but I like it.


But then, being the midwife I am, I am not going to let you read this and walk away without helping you birth something of worth in relation to your destiny.

Therefore, I am going to quickly share with you a few wise things.

See love, this life flies by real quick. You can't afford to leave things to time and chance only. You must prepare for the dream in your heart.

Some of the virtues that has helped me thrive/flourish  in Life, Career and Ministry are

1. Passion for Results

I am a "measure the outcome" kind of person. I like to see tangible or intagible results when I invest my life, time, money or energy to anything.

If you don't intentionally look for results, you will waste your biggest resource- Time which consequently is your life. Aint no one got time to waste.

Always ask yourself, What do I want to happen, see, have, become, own, give, take, produce (insert any applicable verb) at the end of XYZ action?

Asking this question will save you a lot of headache. Life is too short for "crap".

Read: 4 Questions that help you define your vision effectively

2. Consistency

See baby, Consistency is both a habit and a spirit.
 In chapter 10 of my newest book, Turn wishes To wins, I shared with my readers, the dynamics of consistency.

Many people decide to be consistent every new year but they soon slack back into their old ways. This is because they don't know or understand the dynamics of consistency.

The forces that stimulate the developmemt of consistency in character are Prize, Drive and Price (PDP). Knowing how these 3 forces interact is key to becoming consistent in character. I showed you that here.

3. Alignment

If you've followed me for a while, you may have noticed that I use this word often.

Truth is, you are part of a grandeur scheme. There is a remarkable role you were planted here on earth to fix.

It is important that you know what that is and don't fight it. Just align. To align is to follow embrace your purpose and support its cause even if no one else supports you.

Read: How to step into purpose and impart/impact lives.

4. Intimacy with God

It will be a mean dishonour to not tell you this truth. There is no "successful" person who does not have solid spiritual life. They are either connected with Jesus and thr kingdom of God or Satan and the occult.

And of course, I am not interested in any success that is valued only on earth. I want the enduring one that counts long after being 30 is over and I close my eyes in death at age 700 or so.

I am saying that life after now, is so important to me, that I have long put my relationship God through Jesus Christ at the highest pedestal possible.

Personally, I will not trade my level of intimacy with God dor anything or anyone in the world.

If I can't fit into a circle while being intimate with Christ, then that circle is sub-standard for me.

My parents taught me early enough that everything of worth comes from the Lord Jesus. They showed my  siblings and I how to go to God through Jesus the son and ask for what we want.
It worked when I was 13, it works now that I am almost 30.

I encourage you to invest in your relationship with God.
Value it, Cherish it and never forget this,

If I can't fit into a circle while being intimate with Christ, then that circle is sub-standard for me.


5. Value for one's calling

I don't joke with my assignment. Whether I'm being a teacher in the classroom, on the pulpit, or via a book, I do not take any moment for granted.

It does not matter if I am speaking, mentoring, counseling  or just flaunting my pretty self around the house, I am always prepared to deliver to the world, that which God has designed and prepared me to do.

I understand my worth and I am aware that If I don't step up to the knudges in my spirit to make a difference around the world, people will suffer for my negligence.

You too have to begin to value your calling in business, ministry, career or marriage. Value your calling.

Just so you know, January 23 is my birthday and I pledge the next 30 years still being committed to your fulfilment.

Join me at any of these events in 2019.

You are all shades awesome!

When I marked my birthday in January 2018
Forever thankful for relationships such as the Mentees and Sisters in my life


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